about me

I am an eclectic tourism professional born in Zurich and grown up in a multicultural environment during bright years of social fervor and an healthy economic growth. Since my childhood I have moved with the family to different places getting used very quickly free thinking and full immersion in various situations. After graduation I had the intuition and the opportunity to continue my lucky traveling, working and living intensive multiple life experiences. All this has formed my habits and definitely my personality, determining a curious character, open and always ready for new.

For more than 25 years I have been employed in leading international benchmark companies, such as Casinos Austria International and Kempinski Hotel Collection. I have participated in various startups, projects, roadshows among which, several times with Switzerland Tourism Travel Experiences. Attending for many years international and national top-events as well with Engadin St. Moritz the local company responsible for territorial marketing and lately as well for Maserati. At the moment I am open to new challenges and opportunities where I can apport my experience, know-how and sales & marketing network acquired in all these years.

walterlussu@gmail.com    7512 Champfer - St. Moritz    Switzerland