limits are only in the eyes of the beholder

It was always my aim to be able to decide my modus operandi in business and so my way to live. I have usually learned and applied in all different daily operation, so trading experiences exactly what school, MBA and all main courses instilled us from an early age. However at a certain point in my life, I realized that this full power drumming neoliberalism no longer satisfied me. I personally started to miss very strongly a spiritual and even an ethical component. With the time I saw that it was for me impossible to personalize and express my fully identity without hurting my image of integrity, not even anymore with compromise. So step by step I have switched to a different way of seeing and interpreting the economy. We can define it as an humanistic economics behavior where the end must not be strictly speaking justified by the means. Swissred is my little island a Swiss freelance company based in St. Moritz that offers a wide range of services and personal assistance, communication and other strategic sectors in the tourism.

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