Press Authority

knowledge is power information is liberating

God, grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change what I can, and wisdom to recognize the difference.

Today to do information the true one, the one that comes closest to the truth at least, has become increasingly difficult. Truly independent newspapers and media practically no longer exist and there are fewer and fewer free sources that are unaffected or even censored. Concentration of media and press agencies ownership is generally somethings very close to the complete control direct or indirect of the information which is today the most powerful tool to control population and market. So this so important issue and mission which is as well a ethical one, because linked to the Hippocratic Oath, appears today more and more appropriate and feasible to an ants-army of journalists, brave small freelancers than those who are directly or indirectly employed by the big newspapers and broadcast television networks. Mostly of them are for sure absolutely indoctrinated  by a dominating one way thinking, far away from an in one's right mind shades of opinion. Trough my videos and articles I intend to simplify the language as much as possible and aiming to find authentic and integral sources from which to draw the news, aware and grateful to have the gift of knowing how to secrete and interpret news objectively.