you cannot pick a flower without bothering a star                                                           

alma mater terra mater. There is a vortex of fate around all of us and things rarely happen by chance, they are joined by invisible bonds, you can't pick a flower without upsetting a star. Whatever happens to the Earth and the more science is able to give explanations, the more it inevitably draws closer to God. Astrophysics, quantum mechanics, medicine and all logical explanations drives us ultimately back to a spirituality of the human being bond with nature and deep earth. We would be just grains of sand in the universe if it were not for our soul. It is no coincidence but probably a clue that my mother is called alma by name. Alma mater, terra mater. Over time you will discover that the earth is like a loving woman who hugs you, she is choosing you and not vice versa as we think. For sure is my fil rouge with the earth and particularly Sardinia very deep and ancestral. This link with the culture, history and life of my mysterious island is never banal, always true and warm. And if you have the conscience and the awareness of wanting to live it thoroughly, you will experience indeed a timeless journey through the most ancient cradle of Mediterranean civilizations.